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Monday, January 4, 2016

Adventures with Keegan: Minneapolis Institute of Art

Well, it's a total freeze fest up here in the great white north of Minnesota. Brrrr.

It always gets like this this time of year and I struggle on a daily basis to find things to get us out of the house that involve not being in the freezing cold. Luckily we live in a city that has many indoor activities and we are bound and determined to hit up as many of those as possible before the spring comes.

With Keegan not having school on New Years Eve, I took they day off and decided we would go visit the Minneapolis Institute of Art. But first we had to make a stop at Bogart's Donuts. We were gonna start the last day of 2015 with a decent breakfast.

We both loved the donuts, I dont think I have ever seen Keegan eat anything so fast in his life. We even brought some home for later. After feeding our faces, we headed over to the museum just a few blocks away. MIA has a gorgeous entrance with tons of stairs off of 24th Street, but they close it off during winter time due to all the ice and snow.

As we made our way inside, we had already found one of my favorite pieces hanging in the lobby, a Chihuly glass sculpture. I have seen his work three times now, in Milwaukee at the art museum there and in Las Vegas at the Belagio. This one is my favorite yet. It reminds me of flares coming off the sun.

I have been to the art museum before with Jared, but experiencing it with Keegan was something new. He loved wondering through the museum, looking at the sculptures, and he loved the photography wing. Keegan brought his donkey along and even let him get in on taking in all the museum has to offer. This will forever be one of those photos I keep near my heart.

Next, we are on to the Walker Art Museum for another fun adventure. I'm sure donkey will be along for the ride as well. But this time our day will start minus the donuts. Any more and we'll both be busting outta our warm winter coats!

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