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Monday, January 16, 2017

Beginning to write again...

It has been nearly a year since I last wrote in this space. Life has been moving faster and faster and sometimes it feels like we will never get caught up.

Taking a break from writing in this space first started as neglect. We had a new man in our lives, not just someone new for myself but also for Keegan. Jared (the newbie!) and I where figuring out our lives together as a new couple and life as a family with Keegan. We had to find the balance in which our lives fit and revolved, not only individually, but also around each other. After awhile, it just started to feel good to focus on the men in my life and not as much on the screen in front of me. So, it became a conscious effort to curb the need to come back to this space. To learn to live fully in the adventures outside this little boxed in world. We loved, we learned, we traveled and we focused on us.

And so here we are.

I want to come back to writing not just to fill this space with our own snapshot of what life is like right now, but also looking forward into what the future has coming for us. I am personally making it my resolution to hold the things that mean something to me close, to keep only that which serves a purpose, and to share what has value to me and our makeshift little family.

So thanks for hanging in there even when there hasn't been much to follow. Here's to keeping up and keeping on. See you again soon...

- Katie

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