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Monday, January 16, 2017

Beginning to write again...

It has been nearly a year since I last wrote in this space. Life has been moving faster and faster and sometimes it feels like we will never get caught up.

Taking a break from writing in this space first started as neglect. We had a new man in our lives, not just someone new for myself but also for Keegan. Jared (the newbie!) and I where figuring out our lives together as a new couple and life as a family with Keegan. We had to find the balance in which our lives fit and revolved, not only individually, but also around each other. After awhile, it just started to feel good to focus on the men in my life and not as much on the screen in front of me. So, it became a conscious effort to curb the need to come back to this space. To learn to live fully in the adventures outside this little boxed in world. We loved, we learned, we traveled and we focused on us.

And so here we are.

I want to come back to writing not just to fill this space with our own snapshot of what life is like right now, but also looking forward into what the future has coming for us. I am personally making it my resolution to hold the things that mean something to me close, to keep only that which serves a purpose, and to share what has value to me and our makeshift little family.

So thanks for hanging in there even when there hasn't been much to follow. Here's to keeping up and keeping on. See you again soon...

- Katie

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Life has been getting in the way lately. In a good way. I am happy. I am busy. I am finally me. There is just one thing lacking and it is my writing on this blog.

I know I know, everyone has their rough times with blogging. Some might think it's easy to just sit down and write about moments in your life. But it takes effort and frankly time that sometimes doesn't come by so easy these days.

One of my amazing friends at work has just started her first blog ever (visit Between the Gold here)! She came to me for some advice and we sat down and designed her entire site. I had forgotten how fun the beginning of this whole thing was, lost sight of what it was to me. It was just that little kick start to boot my butt back into gear again. To start writing again.

So I decided to make a pledge. A pledge to post at least once a week from now until November. Fall is my favorite time of year and I will be doing my best to post our weekends (new adventure series title: Adventures in October!), some more photo shoots and some of our favorite fall recipes! So fingers crossed that I can actually keep my promise. If not just to you who read this tiny little blog, but to myself to get back into the swing of something that has always helped me through it all.

So we are starting off with just a few random shots from the weekend:

Clock, Letter K, Window (resale from Junket:Tossed and Found), Banner (homemade) 

Labor day was over and all the Fall decor had to make its way into the house! I promise I'll be doing a post with the recipe for those yummy pumpkin donuts soon! Until then, Happy Fall Y'all!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Homestead: The Master Bedroom

To say this has been an interesting transition is an understatement. It has been really new living by myself. I didn't sleep well the first few weeks here. It was hard to go from seeing Keegan every single day, to seeing him only 3 days a week and every other weekend. I went from living in the city with all the noise it brings, to living in the suburbs and being alone in my house with the dead quiet of night. I still have to turn on Keegan's sound machine at night just so there is some noise in the house when I am home alone.

I threw myself into putting my house together and spending as much time with Keegan as possible on my days with him. It has been a blast making this house into my own. I have no one to tell me what to do, what color to paint the walls, the colors of the carpet. It's total creative freedom to make it mine. And it feels amazing!

Once I got Keegan's room completed, I decided to start working on my bedroom. I wanted to make it somewhere comfortable to come home to. Something that screamed me in every way.

First things first, the colors. I wanted to go cooler with the color tones in this house. It makes everything seem so bigger and brighter and it is a huge change from the colors in my old house, with the reds and tans.

Duvet Cover: West Elm (this one is long gone, similar one here), Yellow Quilt/Sham: Target, Pillow: Ikea
I have always loved the color combo of grey, white and yellow and was so excited when I found this beautiful duvet cover from West Elm, and I snatched it up as fast as I could. I have to say they are my go to for design ideas, almost everything they have is something I would use to decorate in my own home. Add in this yellow quilt from Target, and it was the perfect combo!

Second thing, the headboard. I had the idea of a vintage door headboard but was never able to find a door for under like $100. I finally found one that was being thrown out near a friends house for free. Lucky me!
Old Door: FREE!!!
I love the old chipped paint look of it, so I decided to just sand it down a little bit and then spray painted it with some semi gloss poly to seal everything in. It turned out perfect. The next step was finding a way to hang it on the wall. The door itself weighs A TON so I wanted to try and find a way to hang it on the wall without having to screw into the door itself. I found this product to hang it with and it worked perfectly. It works the same as a french cleat, but uses less holes in the wall making it great for anything you may only want to have up temporally.

I was really struggling to find something to put above the headboard, that would not distract from it. After looking for a few weeks, I finally decided that since I loved how our last toddler painting turned out (visit this post for more), we would do that again in a bigger scale. This way I was able to pick exactly what colors I wanted in it, and it would seem less commercial, more homemade. Keegan loves to paint, and I love how it turned out.

I found this nightstand at Goodwill for $5. It's amazing what a little paint can do to makeover a piece of ugly ass furniture. I picked out this paint color for one of the bathrooms, but I wanted to try it out to see the true color before I put it all over the walls. It's the gorgeous shade of raspberry yogurt that was a perfect accent color for the bedroom against the grey and yellow. 

Lampshade: Target, Basket: Target, Nightstand: Thrifted
Bedside Carafe: Crate and Barrel
I went out to Nevada right before Christmas because my Dad passed away. We went to his home to gather up some things & that ended up with me sending two UPS boxes full of stuff home. This corner is very special to me because it hold so many sentimental items. That painting was done by my Grandfather on my dad's side. That is a shot of my Dad racing in the middle and the clock right underneath it is a family heirloom from my great grandparents. All memories I get to keep to remind me of my Dad everyday I see them.

 Frames: Ikea

I was also finally able to take a small spot in my house to make myself a work area. I have had this table since I first moved out of my parents house, it was a whole whopping $5 at a thrift store. It is actually a really cool old sewing table that still opens. It is nice to finally have a little spot where I am able to sit down and write out these posts. It's also the spot where I have a few of my favorite sayings and photos to keep me motivated. This one is the favorite by far:

I love looking back on what this place used to look like. It is really crazy seeing the vision I have in my head, and watching it come to life. I started with the ugliest, blankest slate on the planet:

Oh the horror. Gold accents, wood trim, room darkening curtains. Looking at that carpet alone makes me want to vomit. God this place was so gross. And yet, this is what it became:

Mirror: Ikea
Thank god for new paint, carpet, curtains, a kick ass headboard and some elbow grease. This place is now bright and inviting. More from the Aqua Circle House to come!

Paint Color: Behr Premium Plus Ultra in French Silver
Paint Color Trim: Behr Premium Plus Ultra in Falling Snow
Nightstand Paint Color: Home Decorators Collection in Heather Sachet

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Homestead: Keegan's Room

This post has been, oh like 5 months in the making. I can't believe I have owned and lived in this house for a whole 5 months already. It's been great so far, lots of progress and yet still more to go.

My main priority when I moved in was to get Keegan's room completely ready to go before he came home from his week at Grandma's house. After getting every last box in the place and having some stuff unpacked, it was time to get working on his room. I had been pinning stuff like crazy on my Pinterest boards (follow me here!) getting ideas for his room months before so I was super excited to turn all of my ideas into real life.

First things first, paint EVERYTHING. Trim, walls and then the major project, the triangle wall. I first thought about doing a chevron wall but quickly decided against it when I found this tutorial. It was stressful at first trying to figure out how to get all the lines on the wall but after many lines drawn and redrawn on the wall, I was able to finally start with the stamping. I LOVE how it turned out. It only took me the entire day to get it all just right.

I tried to make fun changes in his room to make it seem a little less baby and more big boy. When I started going through the old house, I found my old toy box up in the attic. It was one of those things that got put away long ago due to lack of space and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it when I saw it. After 4 coats of paint, it turned out to be the perfect pop of color that I wanted in his room.

The next goal was finding some art to hang on his walls. His new room is soooooo much bigger than his old one, so I had way more wall space to work with. I knew that on the patterned wall I was going to go with one picture. I knew exactly which picture to hang above his bed.

The elephant picture that we have traveled all the way from Thailand. Keegan's aunt brought it back with her per my request when she went to work with the elephants a few years ago. It was actually painted by an elephant. I love the symbolism it holds for us as well, being a baby and mommy elephant.

We also put up some of his favorite cards from our Wee Gallery art card set. I let him pick out the cards he wanted to frame and we hung them on the wall above his dresser along with a framed art project we worked on together, his first finger painting experience.

I also tried to get creative with a lot of the elements in his room since I wanted it to be unique to him. I love the look of this Ikea light, but I didn't want to do the traditional flowers it came with. So I found an idea in Pinterest to do stars instead and it was perfect. It makes a really cool pattern on the walls and floor at night as well and Keegan loves to run around and catch the stars.

The one thing that ties this whole room together though is the quilt that my best friend Stephanie made for Keegan. It really was the whole beginning of my ideas. She and I went to the fabric store before Keegan was born and picked out all of the amazing fabrics to make the quilt. She did such a fantastic job and even added in fabric as a surprise. Keegan sleeps with it every single night and I know it is one of those things of his that I will keep forever

And finally, I wanted to make sure he still had some of the same things from his old room that I treasured so much before and to make it not seem so foreign to him when he did come back to it. So I added the shelves to hold his books as well as his ruler growth chart and a few other pieces to tie the room all together

Last but not least, is something so special to me. These are drawings my dad did when he was a little boy. He gave them to me a few years ago and I knew I wanted to hang them in my kiddo's room ever since he gave them to me. After finally finding them after the move, I knew the perfect spot to hang them in his room. They are a constant reminder of my dad whenever I see them. He lives so far away and I miss him so much. It's nice to have a little piece of him around.

Sorry for the crazy long post, but 5 months of not writing has been a trip. So much has happened. I am just getting started. We are back people. Well..... hopefully I can keep this up :)

Paint Color: Behr Ultra French Silver
Paint Trim Color: Behr Ultra Falling Snow
Toybox Colors: Behr Chickadee